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THE BRAIN From Knowing to Doing!
Online Testing Resourse

Below you will find links to the 21 personal tests listed in Dr. Evian Gordon's book "THE BRAIN From Knowing to Doing!"  Once you complete the tests, record your scores in the Appendix at the back of the book, or print the PDF below and record your scores:  My Integrative Wisdom Test Scores Sheet PDF for Printing. 

Testing Links


1)  Total Brain 4 functions and 12 Capacity Scores


2)  My Mental Health Condition Flags


3)  Stress 360 Score


4)  Negativity-Positivity


5)  Introvert-Extravert


6)  Non-Conscious Bias


7)  Personality Big 5 Test Scores


8)  Myers Briggs 4 Type Indicator Personality Scores


9)  My Top 3 Character & Value Strengths


10)  EQ scores


11)  IQ score


12)  Sleep -  Owl / Lark


13)  Sleep / Insomnia


14)  BMI - Body Mass Index


15)  Relationship Attachment and Bonding Style 


16)  Preferred Learning Style


17)  Happiness and Satisfaction With Life Score


18)  Creativity CREATE scores


19)  Spiritual


20)  Genetics:



21)  Readiness To Change

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