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Total Brain Podcast

Total Brain Podcast

by Dr Evian Gordon PhD, MD

Dr Evian Gordon Founder, Chairman & Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of Total Brain

He also founded the largest standardized International Brain Database (over 1 million datasets) to discover what insights and behavioral habits are most effective in Mental Health, Wellness and Peak Performance. Over 250 peer-reviewed scientific publications. H-Index of over 70.

Hosts of the Total Brain Podcast series Total Brain Podcast (on all major podcast platforms) with Key Opinion Leaders around the world, who have spent their lives applying the latest insights about Neuroscience to help You to Befriend Your Brain.

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The Brain From Knowing To Doing! - Podcast

THE BRAIN From Knowing To Doing! - Podcast

with Dr Evian Gordon PhD, MD

Comming Soon!!!


In this Podcast series Dr Gordon will have discussions with luminaries from the world of Neuroscience and Brain Health.  Subjects will revolve around the topics found in his book The Brain From Knowing To Doing! 

In his book, Dr Gordon has further distilled his message for maximum impact, and provides the tools to help you bridge the gap between KNOWING and DOING! The first chapter highlights the importance of your Emotions, Intuition and Biases. It emphasizes the criticality of Aligning your Emotions and Rational Thinking. The second chapter provides an easy to use PLAN to generate ANY sustainable new habit. The third chapter focuses on the implications of Integrative Wisdom.

The Book is Available Now On Amazon!

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