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THE BRAIN: From Knowing to Doing!  -  Video Series

These short videos are the first explorations of the topics in the book THE BRAIN From Knowing To Doing!. Each each week we will release a new video expanding the insights and applications of each topic in the book.The videos will be hosted here on our website, and on our Youtube Channel: @DrEvianGordon.  

Get the book and join the Brain Warrior journey. 

THE BRAIN: From Knowing to Doing!
21 Online Tests of Your Brain and Self

Most of these tests are free or "freemium" online.
For further insights about these test scores see Dr. Evian Gordons book about the brain: 
THE BRAIN From Knowing to DOING!

Dr. Evian Gordon's 3-Step New Habit Plan
Generate Any New Brain Habit!

Download the one page worksheet for generating any new habit using Dr Evian Gordon’s 3 step habit plan, as laid out in Chapter two of his book THE BRAIN: From knowing to doing. 

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