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ThinkHeart Wellness Program

ThinkHeart!  Program
Powered by the American Heart Association

ThinkHeart is a digital OMNI CHANNEL program that brings together the most recent evidence-based findings from three current health revolutions:

  • REVERSE chronic illness, especially inflammation,

  • REWIRE calm and resilience

  • PREVENT chronic illness through into a health aligned lifestyle.

ThinkHeart delivers 4 components: CALM, MOVE, EAT, CONNECT that will require an immersive 1-hour training and practice per day in an initial “30-Day Challenge” that then converts into a lifestyle.

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The Science of Peak Performance
& 'Possibility Thinking'

In this unprecedented moment, and in unprecedented world, a new currency emerges. It is no longer what you know, but how you think that determines your success, your health, and your future. Meanwhile, always-on, multi-tasking ways of working and living is killing productivity, dampening creativity, and taking a toll on our overall health and happiness. At WhatBox, we believe that connecting the science of our thinking to our ways of working and leading has the power to change, well, everything.

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