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Book Cover for "The Brain From Knowing To Doing!"

THE BRAIN From Knowing to Doing!

by Dr Evian Gordon

This book is about the search for Integrative Wisdom, a possibility I believe all humans have.  My goal is to share the brain essence from knowing to doing and how to create new brain habits that 40 years of relentless applied human brain neuroscience has revealed to me.  This sharing is about your brain’s core dynamics of Emotion short cuts and Rational decision making that shape every aspect of You.

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Book Cover for "BRAINSightArt"

by Dr Evian Gordon

For me, all art is BrainArt. My art has been an exploration of big picture abstract metaphors, from "The Big Bang" to the "Core of BRAINsight". The paintings were heavily influenced by insights from the international database on human brain function that I founded. My Brain Science research over 40 years has been about discovering the essence of emotions, bias and intuition. Brain science is about conscious numbers and words. Brain art is about subconscious patterns of emotion and symbols. While art tends to be subconscious and emotional, I also employ my conscious brain to create as well. In each painting, I like to explore these 2 sides, of subconscious and conscious expression, in the same brain coin. I have experienced few situations that engender deeper joy or self-reflective gravitas than to express patterns of emotion in my paintings. Hence the name BRAINsightArt.

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Brainsight Art

Our brain's preoccupation with Safety 1st,  coupled with our nonconsious conditioning and biases determines most of our crucial decisions in life. 

We then consciously select a plausible reason to justify these choices.  BrainSightArt is my ongoing discovery and reflection of my nonconscious- conscious self, relationships and world views.

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