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Book: The Brain Revolution: Know and Train New Brain Habits

The Brain Revolution: Know and Train New Brain Habits

Revolutionize Your Authentic Self:
1. Safety 1st dominates your brain function.
2. Align your nonconscious biases and conscious limitations to maximize your     effectiveness.
3. Train Peak performance by being nonconsciously in the moment.
4. Deepen your personal relationships through sharing each other’s core brain insights.
5. Become brain aware about all the information in your environment.

Book: Integrative Neuroscience

Integrative Neuroscience

Most brain related activity has focused on specialized interests within individual disciplines. Recent multidisciplinary activity has provided the impetus to break down these boundaries and encourage a freer exchange of information across disciplines. This text reflects these developments. It spans the landscape of brain science to provide core information from 12 disciplines (including evolution, philosophy, anatomy, chemistry, computer science, brain dynamics, psychology, neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and brain imaging).
In outlining how and why it is now possible to realistically model aspects of the brain's dynamics from such a wide range of intellectual endeavors, this book will prove itself useful to undergraduates, postgraduates and all those seeking a contemporary perspective and evaluation of the current status and future directions in the brain sciences

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Book: Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine

Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine

This book takes an in depth and hard look at the current status and future direction of treatment predictive markers in Personalized Medicine for the brain from the perspectives of the researchers on the cutting edge and those involved in healthcare implementation. 


The contents provide a comprehensive text suitable as both a pithy introduction to and a clear summary of the "science to solutions" continuum in this developing field of Personalized Medicine and Integrative Neuroscience.


The science includes both measures of genes using whole genome approaches and SNIPS as well as BRAINmarkers of direct brain function such as brain imaging, biophysical changes and objective cognitive and behavioral measurements. Personalized Medicine for Brain Disorders will soon be a reality using the comprehensive quantitative and standardized approaches to genomics,


. The timeliness of this book's content is propitious providing bottom line information to educate practicing clinicians, health care workers and researchers, and also a pathway for undergraduate and graduates interested in further their understanding of and involvement in tailored personal solutions.

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Book - BrainSights

Brainsight Art

Our brain's preoccupation with Safety 1st,  coupled with our nonconsious conditioning and biases determines most of our crucial decisions in life. 

We then consciously select a plausible reason to justify these choices.  BrainSightArt is my ongoing discovery and reflection of my nonconscious- conscious self, relationships and world views.

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